Cyber insurance for your business

Almost all modern businesses, regardless of size, rely on an IT infrastructure of some sort. If you store or send that data then you could be at risk of a cyber attack that could take a number of forms. Malicious software (malware) can be installed on your systems allowing hackers to steal data you hold, spy on your business’s online activities or encrypt data, which is then held for ransom.

The effects of cyber crime on any business can be devastating and have a wide range of damaging results. If you think you could be at risk then it’s important that you have cyber insurance in place to cover you in the event of risks such as loss or damage to data and software, theft of digital assets, cyber exhortation as a result of ransomware being installed.

At Morgan Betts & Co, we are specialists in all types of small business insurance, so we understand exactly what a company’s requirements are. We have over 40 years worth of experience in the insurance industry, which will help us to provide you with a range of cyber insurance options for you to choose from. The cover we offer is entirely bespoke to your company. We’ll conduct a full review of your business, the risks and requirements and use that insight to build a level of cover that is best suited to you.

Cyber Insurance can provide cover for:

  • Cyber crime investigative costs
  • Loss of income from close of business
  • Hacker ransom demands
  • GDPR data breach legal costs
  • Data recovery
  • Computer system restoration

At Morgan Betts & Co, we have an experienced team of insurance specialists who are able to take the stress out of searching for cyber insurance. Not only do we know the market but we know small businesses, and we can use this knowledge to find a level of cover that suits both your requirements and you budget. If this sounds like the hassle-free solution to your company’s cyber concerns then just click the button below to get in touch!

3 reasons to get insurance for your business

Peace of mind

Running your own business is stressful, but having the right level of cover could help relieve the pressure.


By having the right insurance, you could protect yourself, your business and your staff from any unfortunate incidents.

Reduce stress

By having the right insurance for your business, you can worry less about what would happen if something goes wrong.

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